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Michael A. Taylor

Michael Taylor is an experienced entrepreneur who has focused his work in the marketing & advertising industry for over 10 years. Michael started working for himself at a young age in his home town of Coeur D’Alene Idaho where he successfully coordinated, produced and promoted local events during high school. Michael quickly outgrow Idaho and took his talents to California and then ultimately to Las Vegas NV, the hospitality and event capital of the world. Michael quickly learned the ins and outs of the hospitality and event industry in Las Vegas taking on several clients and venues at a time. Michael did much of the promotions, sales and marketing campaigns himself, growing his company Party Las Vegas and his hundreds of thousands client base to become one of Las Vegas’s premiere hosting companies.
Michael’s experience in sales and marketing are a valuable asset to any company. Michael is well versed in the online marketing arenas in high demand such as Search Engine Optimization, Social media marketing as well as client facing direct sales. His charismatic personality draws people to him while his flexibility in negotiations closes the deal.
Michaels’ experiences have taught him a solid work ethic and the foundation for a few successful businesses. From planning events, to working on a cruise ship, to selling VIP Party packages in Las Vegas, doing marketing & advertising in Spokane, WA. or world wide, Michael has taken what he has learned from his experience in the field to adapt to many different environments and work through challenges. Michael is a motivated, self driven entrepreneur who enjoys taking on new projects with the perseverance to follow it through. Michael’s previous success’s have allowed him to travel throughout the world and commute between his home state of Idaho, Washington, and Nevada at his leisure and provided him the opportunity to be a full time Dad to his daughter, whom he cherishes every moment with.

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