Austin Marvel

Commercial Photographer Director

Austin Marvel is a commercial photographer who specializes in marketing rich media. Through the use of professional photography and video, Austin can help engage your customers in a way that’s informative and entertaining

Make your company stand out with high quality and unique content that will stand out to your target audience. Austin has the skills to create rich media that goes beyond simple text or static images and becomes something that engages viewers in a powerful way. By creating rich media, Austin grabs the attention of your customers in a way that they are happy about, where they may not even realise that they are being marketed to.

Austin can help build and maintain a brand’s image with original photography and videography designed to further promote your company’s message. Whether you need headshots of your employees or more general company photos to complete your website, Austin conducts every photo shoot with the highest level of creativity and professionalism.

When creating marketing materials for your company, a commercial photographer like Austin will take the time to highlight your company’s strengths, so that you and your products are shown in the best light possible. With professional product placement photos for your print or online catalogue, even small companies can put forward a professional image.

Austin has helped companies use his images and video to engage in social media marketing, an essential field for today’s business. He is able to envision a comprehensive social media marketing strategy and create the imagery needed to put plans into action.

Austin is currently finishing his degree in Marketing & Advertising at Eastern Washington University. He has been engaged in professional and commercial photography for a few years, honing his skills for use in today’s markets.