Real Digital Marketing Testimonials

What we love about our business is that our success is only achievable when our customers succeed. Check out the internet marketing reviews below for real stories about how our services have improved our clients' businesses. And if you've worked with us before, feel free to leave a media agency review of your own!

“When we were looking for an SEO company to work with, PPM stood out as the obvious choice. They know what they’re doing, and they’re incredibly easy to work with.”
Irene Warner
Jenny Reid
Owner & Founder
“I didn’t realize how badly I needed my website redesigned until I saw what PPM could do. They completely overhauled my site and made it user-friendly and attractive. My site makes me look like a professional now!”
Jeffery Polk
Ben Davis
“I thought social media marketing was as simple as posting every day, and had no idea why I wasn’t getting results. PPM came in and have greatly improved my social media interactions in a short amount of time.”
Naomi Crawford
Connie Townsend
Director of Marketing
“When PPM told me they could help me convert online traffic to customers, I was skeptical. But the results have spoken for themselves! My Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign has worked wonders and I couldn’t be happier!”
Matthew Lee
Jacob Goldstein
Founder & CEO
“I knew having a website was important, but I didn’t know where to start. PPM provided me with a beautiful, engaging website for a reasonable price.”
Naomi Crawford
Landon Davies
“PPM helped us develop an effective email campaign that actually got results. We are now reaching our target customers in an efficient and profitable manner.”
Lucy Parkinson
Amy Johnson
Marketing Manager
“We didn’t know what to do about some negative press we’d received. PPM not only dealt with the problem, but greatly improved our online presence to boot!”
Real Digital Marketing Testimonials
Greg Collinsworth
Real Estate Representative
“PPM completely upgraded our website content with more engaging, SEO-friendly copy. The results we’ve seen have been outstanding.”
Matthew Lee
Spencer Garcia
VP of Sales
“Thanks to PPM, we have a beautiful logo and engaging graphics for our website, as well as for our other marketing campaigns. These folks are true professionals.”
Matthew Lee
Morgan Rasmussen
IT department
“PPM’s web hosting services have been professional and reliable. We know we can count on them to minimize issues and maximize up time for our site.”
Georgina Nicholls
Jordan Wentworth
VP of Marketing
“Thanks to PPM, our website is now mobile compatible, and we’ve seen a significant improvement in our website traffic because of it.”
Georgina Nicholls
Candace Peterson
Founder & Owner
“I was skeptical about PPM’s plan to use affiliate marketing, but we have seen incredible results from the campaign. It was an investment that quickly paid for itself, and then some.”
Lucy Parkinson
Hannah Michaels
Marketing Rep
“The advice and assistance we’ve received from PPM has been invaluable. Their consultation services have allowed us to address issues that we’ve been putting off for months. Thank you, PPM!”
Matthew Lee
Benjamin Crawley
Vice President