Mobile Apps are vital tools for getting the best out of communications and transactions through your smartphone. The first Mobile Apps were launched by Apple in the early 1990s, for use on its earliest hand held devices. Today there are around 6.5 million Mobile Apps available across all the App Stores. They are used for social contacts, news updates, financial transactions and browsing a wide variety of content.

MADE FOR SMARTPHONES: Downloaded to your smartphone from an App Store, Apps – short for ‘Applications’ – are software programs that give you access to people and content in a convenient way that is tailored to smartphone operating systems. This mobile friendly user interface makes Apps easy and pleasant – and even addictive – to use.

DOWNLOADED APPS: The main smartphone makers – Apple, Google, Blackberry and Android – have App Stores where you can browse for Apps you need, for work, for play, and for generally running your life more efficiently. The chosen apps are then downloaded to your smartphone. The main App Stores are:

  • The Apple App Store
  • The Blackberry App World
  • The Android Market
  • Google Play

MARKETING CHANNEL: If you are a business owner or marketer, Mobile Apps are worth serious investigation as they offer an excellent channel for marketing and awareness. This is particularly true for small firms and other organizations who use Mobile Apps to gather customers and followers, plus communicate with them and keep them engaged in their offerings.

DELIVERING VALUE: Our Mobile App developers at Platinum Passports Marketing focus on building apps that reflect the state of the art in technology and deliver true value to our clients.

AFFORDABLE FOR SMALL FIRMS: Many business owners wrongly believe that apps are expensive and are only for large companies. In fact, as Mobile App developers, we know that Apps are affordable even for small firms, and offer a valuable channel for building your business, just like websites and social media.

TALK TO OUR MOBILE APP DEVELOPERS: If you would like to learn more about how a Mobile App could help your business, contact us at Platinum Passports Marketing. One of our Mobile App developers will be pleased to explain the most appropriate features and benefits for your business, plus cost options, which because of their affordability will probably come as a pleasant surprise.