Most entrepreneurs starting a business will get a website organized. The next priority for marketing should be making sure that your site appears when people do local searches online. We are local SEO experts in the Spokane area, so we are pleased to share our experience, both with our clients and with readers of our blog.

DOES YOUR WEBSITE WORK ON SMARTPHONES? The majority of local searches for services are done on smartphones, so it is vital that your site displays well on mobile devices. Then you will be improving your chances of engaging with potential customers who are looking for the type of service you offer. Sites that are not built for mobile, or optimized for mobile, are frustrating to view on smartphones. If your site is like this then mobile optimization should be a priority.

“GOOGLE MY BUSINESS” AND “GOOGLE MAPS” The mighty search engine Google has powerful services to help your business get found online. “Google My Business” and “Google Maps” can be optimised to help your business come up on the main search results. Many of our clients in the Spokane region are amazed at how well this works, with new customers contacting them as a result of our work with them in this specialist area.

LINKS AND CONTENT ON LOCAL WEBSITES: Getting your site links on local sites, plus your news on local sites, will help your website do well on local search. It will also give your business credibility and direct traffic from the sites where you are mentioned.

USE THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA: Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are excellent vehicles for getting your business found on local search. On these social platforms you can find local firms, government organisations, non-profits and influencers. Follow them, like their posts and send out your own posts with information of local interest, linking to your website for more information.

TALK TO OUR LOCAL SEARCH EXPERTS: If you would like to help you do well on local search, get in touch with our online marketing experts at Platinum Passports Marketing. One of our local search professionals will be pleased to explain the most appropriate activity program for your business, along with cost options.