At Platinum Passports Marketing we believe that every organization should have a mobile website.

Also, every existing website should be optimized for viewing on mobile devices. This is because of a prediction made years ago, which became a reality in 2014 – since then, more people have been searching the web with their mobile devices than with desktop and laptop PCs.  

So, if you want to reach customers, a mobile website is vital. The same applies even if you are running a pure information resource, and not selling anything.

If your site is not mobile friendly, people will go elsewhere, and your site will become less popular over time.


There is a growing number of people using the internet from mobile devices only and they don’t even own or ever use a laptop or desktop PC. The proliferation of mobile-only social networks like Snapchat, plus the affordability of smartphones, are helping to usher in this state of Mobile-Only online interaction. It applies to people in developed countries who have ‘blue collar’ jobs, plus people in undeveloped parts of the world.


Although the use of mobile devices, and mobile websites, are on the rise, desktop machines are still an important part of life for many professional people in developed countries like the USA and Canada. Indeed, many consumers are ‘Multi-channel Switchers’ – they research purchases on ecommerce sites using their mobile devices, so mobile sites are needed to make this happen. But then they switch to a desktop PC or laptop to make the actual purchase, either immediately or later in the day. It’s as if mobile devices are used for day-to-day running around, but the trusty laptop or desktop PC is held in reserve for the ‘heavy lifting’ of making online purchases, writing documents, building spreadsheets, and other detailed work. These web users are known as the ‘Multi-channel Majority’ and perhaps includes you and most of your customers?


Whether your customers are Mobile Only web surfers or longstanding members of the Multi-channel Majority, we can help you reach them. At Platinum Passports Marketing we have been creating mobile websites for many years, and all new sites we create are mobile optimized. We can advise you on the best mobile marketing options depending on your market sector, and we can create mobile landing pages for your online marketing campaigns.

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