Having a website, and a website designer to keep it updated, is key for any business person or organization that seeks to be taken seriously, be efficient and be successful.

This is because your website, combined with good SEO, is your shop window to the world. Through your site, people from across the globe can find you, learn more and interact with your business, night and day, every day of the year.

This applies to all types of enterprise, whether you are a folk musician or fashion designer, or you run a furniture showroom or Fortune 500 company.

FOR LARGE & SMALL FIRMS – Websites are not just for the big players. They are a cost effective first step for start-ups and small businesses. A new enterprise may start with just an online business card and an email account based on their web domain. That’s more professional looking than a free email account on Yahoo, and shows you mean business. Later your site can be expanded by your website developer to include any type of information or functionality depending on what the business needs as it grows.

SEARCH FOR PRODUCTS & SERVICES – Every day, people demand instant information by tapping a search into their smartphone, and if your website comes up high on their search that’s an excellent start.

WEBSITES BRING RESULTS – If people go to your site and they like the website design, plus the site tells them what they need to know, easily and quickly, then you have won their confidence and trust.

INFORMATION & DOWNLOADS – Through your website you can make life easier, both for yourself and your customers, by asking your website designer to upload:
* Current information,
* News updates,
* New products,
* Vouchers,
* Special Offers,
* Team contacts,
* Maps and directions,
* Documents.
You can also showcase your work, products or services in text form plus galleries of photos and videos. If you get the same questions repeatedly, an FAQ page plus a Terms and Conditions page is the answer.

BOOKINGS & SALES – A good website designer can make your site into an online brochure, prospectus or product catalogue with ‘Buy Now’ functionality added. You can receive documents from your clients direct through email webforms. You can get bookings and payment too for services and products plus the address of your customer and their agreement to your Terms and Conditions, all without your direct involvement.

OPEN 27-7 – Through your website you could make a sale, win a customer or even an employee, partner, or investor. Your business might get a helpful mention on local radio or in the Wall Street Journal, or a positive write up on a news website with all your information included, accurate and up to date. All this could happen while you sleep, with your website working for you 24-7.

SOCIAL MEDIA – To complete the picture, your website designer should add links for your social media accounts to your site, and embed dynamically updating content from your social media announcements on your homepage or news page. Your social media profiles should include your website address to enable social media Followers and Friends to get more information about your activities.

WE BUILD WEBSITES – Our website builders can create your perfect site:
* Modern Design
* Optimized for Google
* Mobile Friendly
* Sell Products Online
* Receive Payments
* Get Bookings
* Provide Information
* Host Downloads
* Email Marketing.

DON’T DELAY – Some people in business think it’s okay to wait and delay going online or delay enhancing their website. But remember, your competitors could capture your customers if you delay the decision. Call or email us today if you need a website or enhancements to your existing site. One of our professional website designers will be pleased to give you an expert consultation which is supplied free of charge and without obligation.

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