First Night Spokane

First Night Spokane – A New Year’s Eve Event Like No Other

This year, we were excited to have the opportunity to work with the nonprofit organization First Night Spokane. This organization is responsible for one of the biggest, most exciting New Year’s Eve events in Spokane Washington, with the largest visual and performing arts festival in the area. We volunteered a few hours of our time to working on their projects, and in doing so, we instantly became huge fans of this incredible event.

What makes First Night Spokane so remarkable is that it is designed to appeal to everyone. It seems that most New Year’s celebrations are designed solely for adults, so parents like us are often hard-pressed to find something that is fun and safe for kids. But not at First Night. At this event, they have both family and adult events throughout the evening, which means we can take our kids to a celebration that is safe and fun for every member of our families. With arts and crafts for kids, concerts for adults, magic shows, art galleries, and of course, an incredible fireworks display that is unlike any other you’ll see in Spokane, there’s truly something for everyone at this event.

After working with the First Knights (as the event’s organizers call themselves) and learning about their event, we couldn’t wait to buy our tickets. The First Night event is held on New Year’s Eve, with activities beginning as early as 5:00 pm and going past midnight on January 1st. We’re looking forward to this night of fun, family, and fireworks—and we hope that you’ll be there too.

A few of the events to be held on New Year’s Eve include:

  • Vocal competition
  • Free ice skating
  • Dances (for kids and adults)
  • Dance competitions
  • Kids’ crafts
  • Art gallery
  • Face painting
  • Fireworks
  • And more

And did we mention that the entire event has a Renaissance theme? So come dressed in Renaissance garb or in your everyday clothes. However you come, it’s bound to be a wild night. We know that we’ll be there. Will you? You can buy your admission buttons here for just $15, or for $18 on the big night. Hope to see you there! Happy New Year!