Smart Brand Advertising: What, Why, and How to Make It Work

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Brand advertising is a simple phrase that encompasses a huge number of different marketing efforts. But what exactly does brand advertising entail? Why should you be doing it? And how can it help your prospects take action and become loyal customers? Keep reading to learn all you need to know about smart brand advertising and how it benefits your business.

What Is Branded Advertising?

Unlike standard advertising, brand advertising is focused on increasing exposure for your business itself, rather than for the products or services you might provide. It’s all about building a strong brand for your business, and getting that brand in front of your prospects.

One of the first steps in smart brand advertising is developing a brand identity. As the phrase implies, your brand’s identity is the personality and core values behind your brand. What do you stand for? What kind of “attitude” does your company have? Are you a laidback and fun business? Or are you straight-laced, reliable, and professional? Craft a strong brand that sends the right message to your audience, and you have a strong foundation for future branded advertising efforts.

Why Use Brand Advertising?

So, why should you worry about advertising your brand? If you’re advertising your products, shouldn’t that be enough to gain exposure for your brand? The short answer to that is no. Your customers want to know more about your business than the products you carry. If you want prospects to take action and make purchases, then they need to know that your brand is one they can trust.

Brand advertising featuring your charitable efforts is one great way to do this. It shows that your business is a part of the community, and that you care about the well-being of your consumers. You might consider sponsoring an event that is related to what your business does. For example, if you’re a pet food company, you might partner with a local shelter to host an adoption event. If you sell organic food, you might sponsor a community health fair, and provide a booth that teaches people about eating healthier foods.

You might also try brand advertising featuring a member of your company offering expert advice on various topics. Many businesses do this with how-to articles or video tutorials on topics related to their business. An accounting firm might write a blog on how to claim a certain deduction on your taxes, for example. Offering expert help free of charge shows people that you genuinely want to assist them, and establishes you as an expert in your field. So, when your prospects take action and are ready to make a purchase, they’ll turn to your company, because you have established credibility with them.

How Can You Use Smart Brand Advertising?

Now, how can you make branded advertising work for your business? Ultimately, smart brand advertising is about building a connection with your potential customers. This connection has two parts: an intellectual connection (your product is clearly the smart choice, and something they need), and an emotional connection (your business is the one that speaks to them on a more personal level). Obviously, the intellectual connection will come as a natural result of you providing products and services your customers need.

But when it comes to the emotional connection, this is where you need to rely heavily on brand advertising. If you want to help prospects take action, and convert them to loyal customers, then your efforts should focus on connecting with them emotionally. This is done through brand advertising featuring images that evoke an emotional response, actions that appeal to a moral common ground, and a strong personality that individuals can relate to.

To learn more about how smart brand advertising can work for your business, contact us today.


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