This is where we provide industry updates plus our insights and opinions on the world of digital marketing. 

INDUSTRY NEWS: The digital marketing industry is constantly buzzing with innovation and news. These industry developments can have a huge effect on how well our clients do on Google search and on social media. We at PPM, as digital marketing experts, are using digital marketing to help firms in Spokane, we make it our business to keep on top of important new developments from Google and the social media giants like Instagram.  We are pleased to share these industry sector insights and strategies with readers of our blog. 

CLIENT SOLUTIONS: Our business is focused on helping clients with digital marketing in Spokane and other areas in Washington State. As we do this, we develop insights and strategies that are specially tailored for major industry sectors like entertainment, law, construction, and many others.  If you have a business sector that we have not featured yet and would like us to write about, do contact us. We are likely to have that information waiting to go on our blog, and we can advance it for you.

DIVE INTO OUR BLOG: We have had some wonderful feedback from enthusiastic clients of our website design work in Spokane. Do dive into our blog to read some of those conversations. Feel free to leave a comment if there are any topics about digital marketing that you would like us to feature. Or, if you prefer, contact us by phone or email. We look forward to sharing more news and views about the solutions we develop for our clients, and how these strategies fit in with the big picture in terms of best practice for Google and the social media platforms.

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